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This is the initial list of keywords after cutting down words based on their relevance to our specific subgoal.


final keywords.pdf
This is the final list of 13 keywords after cutting down more similar words and phrases.


Customizing the stop words for the Voyant tool to exclude the words that are not helpful for the keyword list.

This photo shows you where you could define the options/customize your stop words.

These were the words that jumped out when we plugged the Promising Practices document into Voyant.

This is what you see after plugging in a document/text into the Voyant software.

Facebook pull Voyant Keywords.png
This is a wordcloud based off the Facebook words that we pulled from the Facebook pages of BN Parents, Always Unstoppable, Bloomington Normal Community Campus Committee (BNCCC), Chestnut Family Health, and the Instagram page of Bloomington-Normal…
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