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Project Introduction

This website was created during the Ames Library Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship where we learned about a variety of digital tools and how to apply them in topics related to the humanities. Through this project, our group had the goal to implement these digital tools in order to convey information that will aid organizations in our community who are focused on community health.

The creation of this project was overseen by Librarian Abby Mann, as well as by faculty mentors Professors Allison Serraes and Greg Shaw. Our group met with these professors a total of three times in order to develop a plan that would enable us to complete our project in a timely manner. 

Through these meetings, we developed the specific focus on making the Promising Practices database more manageable for organizations in the Bloomington-Normal area to utilize.

This database is overseen by the Conduent Healthy Communities Institute, however, it is user-based and consists of over 2,000 entries. These entries focus on all areas of health and are broken down into evidence-based practices, effective practices, and good ideas.

Learn more about the project through the following links: