Body Project (Dissonance Intervention)

Body Project (Dissonance Intervention) focuses on females in high school and college, and seeks to help women improve their body image. Through this intervention, women become more educated on how societal pressures may impact how they view their bodies. This promising practice seeks to bring awareness to these unachievable societal expectations to decrease unhealthy weight control and improve well-being. 

Our team chose to include this promising practice due to its focus on bringing awareness to unhealthy societal expectations on women’s bodies and its commitment to promote change. We believe this Promising Practice has tremendous overlap with helping to improve mental health in the community, and it pertains to our subgoal from the Community Health Improvement Plan. Although we are aware that this program is currently being implemented in Bloomington-Normal universities, we believe that young women in the community would benefit from an expansion of this program into other organizations. 

What are the numbers?

Cost may vary depending on the number of sessions delivered within the school year.

  • $1,290 for 1 full-day training: 
    • Clinician or University/High school staff Body Project training
    • Plus expenses
    • Up to 16 participants
  • $2,575 for 2 full-day trainings:
    • Combined peer leader and train-the-trainer clinician Body Project training
    • Plus expenses
    • Up to 12 student participants & 8 clinician participants
  • $125 per hour for recommended post-training supervision

This is a map of the Bloomington-Normal community with the points of the non-profit organizations and the different bus routes and bus stops leading to each organization that could potentially take more of a lead on the Body Project Promising Practice.

Creator: Alex Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

Below is a list of resources that could potentially take more of a lead on this Promising Practice: